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Interior Designing – 1 year (HINDI)

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Benefits of doing this Course

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Course Description

In this Course you will learn interior Designing right from zero to advance level.

We will cover all the residential designing like Bungalow, Flats, Row House, Duplex, Penthouse etc and we will learn complete residential designing

Who can take this Course

Anybody can become an Interior Designer provided they are trained the way we train students.

Don’t worry you need not have to have any prior knowledge, we will teach you from stratch.

Also their is no need for you to be good in sketching or drawing as nowadays everything is computerised and anyone can draw in computers and it doest now require much skills.

Subjects Covered in the Course

Principles of Interior Design & Drafting :

  • Exploring design keeping in mind the use of some basic principles and making technical drawings.
  • We will start from Basics like lines and it’s uses.
  • We will cover the designing concepts of Interior Design to give you an idea how to start Interior Designing

Building Materials & Construction – I :

  • This subject is everything you need to know about the Materials used in Interior Designing and it’s uses in construction.
  • The properties of materials, where to use, where not to use, advantages and disadvantages, alternatives, prises etc.

Computer Aided Design – CAD :

  • In this subject we will teach you the computer software to create technical drawings in Interior Designing.
  • Creating computerised drawings of Plan, elevation, section etc for residential design.

Furniture Design – I :

  • In this subject we will teach you how to design different furnitures.
  • We will cover all the major furniture in residential interior designing and teach you how to design them.

Design Studio – I :

  • In this subject every student will be given a different virtual residential project to complete with our help.
  • Student will design each and every corner of the given residential unit and they will be corrected by us as and when required whenever we see they are dgoing wrong or doing something that is not necessary.
  • After the completion of this subject students will be confident enough to design a complete residential Interior.

Complete Demo of our Course

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